Monday, 26 September 2016

Diabetes Health Check up In India, Diabetic care In Mumbai Kerala

 We can run away from a problem or stay and fight to win like it is your last day! I heard these lines from a motivational speaker and I thought how brilliantly this line fits for every situation in our lives. Whether its work or home, an exam or a job interview, we have to fight to overcome our weaknesses and conquer with our strengths.

At age of 50, I was literally mentally paralyzed when I got to know from my physician that I am a diabetic patient. Born with fetish for sweets it was shock for me. Then my only son shifted to Arizona for his IT job. This situation made my condition miserable and my health starting deteriorating. But my loving son did what he had to and made me a member of NRI Family Health.

I tell you after my son, the only people who got close to me are representative of the NRI Family Health. They are so loving and caring that I sometimes forget that they are there just the agency taking care of me.NRI Family Health offered us Diabetic Care plan along with the NRIFH services. They have Diabetes Health Check up In India, Diabetic care In Mumbai Kerala. Since then I am at such an ease and have a full control of my sugar. The US certified Medical Expert associated with NRI Family Health gave me a care guidance plan which has become so successful that I have suggested my friends as well.

Symptoms to be noticed at early stage:·         Urinating very often
·         Extreme thirst
·         Odd time hunger even though eating at normal time
·         Feeling tired always
·         Impaired or blurry vision
·         Slow healing of injuries
·         Weight loss even though you are eating normal
·         Numbness or tingling sensation in the hands/feet

Oral Manifestations of Diabetes·         Hyposalivation
·         Halitosis
·         Periodontitis
·         Burning mouth sensation
·         Candidiasis
·         Taste alteration

NRI Family Health conducts regular diabetes health check up plans in India.  We provide diabetic care in Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, Kolkata. Managing diabetes is a difficult challenge every day. There are so many aspects of it to keep in mind like food, exercise, general health, medication etc. -- that keeping the blood sugar levels in the control is a balancing act. NRI Family Health has come up with such an effective diabetes management regime that it can be controlled so well.

Get your loved ones registered for our ‘NRI Family Health Plan’ today.To know more contact us on the following contact details:U.S. Toll Free No.: (888) 743 5435Direct Helpline no. : +91 92-8989-1234Write to us: info@nrifamilyhealth.comVisit us-

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