Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Membership health plan for parents in Ahmedabad , Kolkata ,Chennai

Our NRI Family Health Package has evolved as a comprehensive solution for the NRIs for their loved ones in Ahmedabad, India. Our US Certified Medical experts in conjunction with the NRI Family Health coordinator in India can actually keep a watch on the health of the member family in India Then the member NRI s can consult the US medical experts about their parents or family’s health status.

After the membership enrolment, the US medical experts scrutinize the medical history of the family or parents and give a detailed review to the family or parents with best recommendations for the best quality of care. Based on the plan, NRI Family Health Coordinator assist the parents or family to go for the best diagnostic test or consultation or care to be provided whichever is best suited to them.The NRI Family Health Plans are comprised of complete package for taking care of the parents in Kolkata, Chennai, India. Some of the services included in the package are:

1.    Secure Online Access to Medical Records
The Medical records provided by the member family are stored on a HIPAA compliant secure server which is in direct supervision of our US certified Medical experts. The Data stored can be accessed from anywhere and be shared to any medical expert or facility with your permission.

2.    Customized Care Guidance Plan
After the enrolment in to the NRI Family Health Plan, the US certified medical experts provide a customized Care Guidance plan on the basis of your shared Health Data.

3.    Monitoring of Key Health Indicators
Data just doesn’t sit on a server but is actually being monitored regularly. Our physician team gets notified for any anomaly in vitals, labs or any other health indicators which lead to identification of problems before they become a big issue. The Data is updated as and when new diagnostic test or regular checkups are done. Any discrepancy in the report is noted by the medical experts and discussed to the members through the NRI Family Health coordinators and correct action is taken accordingly.

4.    Virtual Consultations
The members can have virtual communication with the US experts if required with the help of our NRi Family Health Coordinators. This mechanism allows the members to speak and get a feedback from our Medical Experts on the basis of preliminary screening of your Health Records.

5.    Assistance to Manage online Health Profile
The best part of our packages is that the NRI Family Health coordinator assigned will be a phone call away and ready to help you enter your medical data on our portal. They are just like an extended family to the members who will be in regular touch with the family and the member NRI.

The NRI Family Health is not only a platform to take care the loved ones health back in home but to a part of the family who will be associated with the family for life. Its services are extended to pan India including health plan for parents in  Ahmedabad , Kolkata ,Chennai

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