Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Amritsar, Kochi

In today’s time everyone is running behind work from early morning to late night. There are times when people often forget to have their food forget about having a peaceful moment for themselves. In all this modern rush, we really ignore our health concerns and end up having lifestyle diseases or chronic medical conditions.

With all the hunger to be on top and earn money we tend to miss out our family time. The life is more in office and in traffic rather than at home which has become a rented place where we just go to spend the night.
Not being able to give time to our family becomes a huge tension when you decide to fly abroad for job or higher education. I was not very sure when I had to leave my mother alone in India for an official project in India. There were hundreds of question in my mind for my mother’s health management in my absence. But with heavy heart I had to leave leaving one of my cousins with my mother to take care of her.
Even after reaching Texas, I was always used to think whether my cousin would be there in house to look after her or not. What about her regular check up and diagnostic tests and what if she has to go out to a hospital to see a doctor! How she will manage on her own!

I consulted one of my friend in Amritsar, who is working in healthcare industry and she suggested me to go for homehealthcare services which are available in Amritsar, Kochi, Mumbai and Bangalore. I searched on internet and came across NRI Family Health agency; they provide skilled Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Kochi. Moreover they also provide 24hours nursing care for elderly in Mumbai, Bangalore. They also provide mother and baby care at home in Kolkata.

NRI Family Health provides these add on services along with the NRI Family Health Services which are available in Basic, Premium and Preferred packages. The homehealthcare services are easy to get enroll to through a simple form completion and sharing the medical records of the parents.
Home health care has appeared as the cost effective way to manage post operative care as well as providing care for chronic ailments. My mother was in need of this exact agency like NRI Family Health which offers a wide range of home healthcare services.

The homehelthcare services comprise of Doctor Visits, Skilled Nurses, Physiotherapy Sessions and Trained Attendants at home according to the need of the patient. They have full array of services including Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Amritsar, Kochi. The NRi family Health has helped me out and relieved all my tensions for my mother. 

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