Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All the things you should know about Arthritis

What do you mean by arthritis?

It is a joint disorder which can cause inflammation of joints leading to painful joints. The area where two bones join is referred to as Joint. A joint helps in movement of body connecting by connecting to other parts of bones. The Joint pain can also be called as arthralgia.
Is there any type of Arthritis?
There are over 100 identified types of arthritis which has been recorded so far according to the different cases. The arthritic condition can be related to the wear and tear of cartilages to the over active immune system. The former condition can be called as Osteoarthritis and latter as Rheumatoid arthritis. Many elders are experiencing such conditions with painful joints because lack of preventive health checkups. These conditions can be avoided by the services provided by the NRi Family Health like Home healthcare services provider  in India-Ahmedabad wellness packages  in Amritsar, Mangalore.

Causes of arthritis?
The cause of arthritis is directly related to the form of arthritis. The causes are listed below:
-       Injury leading to osteoarthritis,
-       metabolic abnormality such as gout 
-       hereditary factors
-       Bacterial & Viral infections
-       Overactive immune system such as in rheumatoid arthritis 

Risk factors for arthritis?

The major risk factors  for arthritis can be

-       The reason can be Genetic, that is inherited from your family
-       Trauma related, any accident or injury can inflict the arthritic condition
The risk factor can be minimized with the best Home healthcare services provider in India-Ahmedabad. We provide the wellness packages in Amritsar and Mangalore too. NRI Family Health can provide best of medical services for your parents back in India without any hassle.
NRI Family Health agency is best Healthcare agency for your parents in India or for your spouse. They basic, preferred and premium health care plans based on the International standards of care and quality. The members can avail services up to one to two year by onetime payment or in installments. The best features of the NRI Family Health Services are their online electronic health record system which can be viewed by any doctor or members with the credential provided.
Then they provided on call NRI Family Health coordinator who keeps a regular check on your parent’s health. The main focus is not on the curative but the preventive health care plans to avoid any emergent or chronic conditions. With the help of Care guidance plan provided by the on panel US certified Medical experts, NRI Family Health can actually improve the quality of life of your family in India.

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