Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Diabetic care -- NRI Family Health

Nowadays, the diabetic condition has taken a toll and is one of biggest reason for untimely serious illnesses. The statistics states a rise in number of diabetic patients starting from an early age because of disturbed sedentary lifestyle.
The main reason behind the number of diabetic patients is lack of knowledge and awareness among Indian populous. There are types of diabetes, in which, few are asymptomatic and due to late diagnosis and not going for preventive health checks. Thus, it is very important that we go for preventive health checkup or at least diabetes specific tests to rule out any chances of uncontrolled sugar. This is not only significant for diagnosis but to lessen the chances of other manifestations related to diabetes.
NRI Family Health has Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai and other states of India to keep a check on your parent’s health or even your spouse living in India. Though People who take care of their health by having healthy foods and living a proactive healthy lifestyle, they can control of their blood sugar levels. Still, periodic health checkups are necessary to keep a check on your vital health stats with Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai.
You can take help of the Diabetologist and can ask as many questions to know what is right and wrong about diabetes including the myths and facts. Like,You should learn about your diabetic condition and what all measures you can take to keep your blood sugar in normal range.
·         You should make sure you that you are taking the right medicines at right time. Keep in touch with your Diabetologist doctor for check up every quarter. During the visits the specialist might go for test like Blood pressure, Weight, Foot, eye examination, teeth examination. Hemoglobin A1c tests, Cholesterol & Kidney tests.
In screening for diabetes, it is essential that an analysis of the screening test reports be discussed with the patient and that follow-up assessment and treatment plan are made available. Also, it is essential to consider that certain medicines may produce hyperglycemia. That is why NRI Family Health provides a platform where in the specialist with US certified medical experts keep a check on the reports and suggest a proactive health plan for the parents or the family who have opted for NRI Family Health membership with Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai.
Diabetes is often not diagnosed until complication appears, and just about one-third of all diabetic patients remain undiagnosed. The burden of diabetes is well known, but what we are lacking is the preventive part of it which can eradicate and control the sugar of endless diabetic patients. We should remember that diabetes can have us but we cannot become weak in front of a disease which can lead to multiple organ failure.
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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All the things you should know about Arthritis

What do you mean by arthritis?

It is a joint disorder which can cause inflammation of joints leading to painful joints. The area where two bones join is referred to as Joint. A joint helps in movement of body connecting by connecting to other parts of bones. The Joint pain can also be called as arthralgia.
Is there any type of Arthritis?
There are over 100 identified types of arthritis which has been recorded so far according to the different cases. The arthritic condition can be related to the wear and tear of cartilages to the over active immune system. The former condition can be called as Osteoarthritis and latter as Rheumatoid arthritis. Many elders are experiencing such conditions with painful joints because lack of preventive health checkups. These conditions can be avoided by the services provided by the NRi Family Health like Home healthcare services provider  in India-Ahmedabad wellness packages  in Amritsar, Mangalore.

Causes of arthritis?
The cause of arthritis is directly related to the form of arthritis. The causes are listed below:
-       Injury leading to osteoarthritis,
-       metabolic abnormality such as gout 
-       hereditary factors
-       Bacterial & Viral infections
-       Overactive immune system such as in rheumatoid arthritis 

Risk factors for arthritis?

The major risk factors  for arthritis can be

-       The reason can be Genetic, that is inherited from your family
-       Trauma related, any accident or injury can inflict the arthritic condition
The risk factor can be minimized with the best Home healthcare services provider in India-Ahmedabad. We provide the wellness packages in Amritsar and Mangalore too. NRI Family Health can provide best of medical services for your parents back in India without any hassle.
NRI Family Health agency is best Healthcare agency for your parents in India or for your spouse. They basic, preferred and premium health care plans based on the International standards of care and quality. The members can avail services up to one to two year by onetime payment or in installments. The best features of the NRI Family Health Services are their online electronic health record system which can be viewed by any doctor or members with the credential provided.
Then they provided on call NRI Family Health coordinator who keeps a regular check on your parent’s health. The main focus is not on the curative but the preventive health care plans to avoid any emergent or chronic conditions. With the help of Care guidance plan provided by the on panel US certified Medical experts, NRI Family Health can actually improve the quality of life of your family in India.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Diabetes Health Check up In India, Diabetic care In Mumbai Kerala

 We can run away from a problem or stay and fight to win like it is your last day! I heard these lines from a motivational speaker and I thought how brilliantly this line fits for every situation in our lives. Whether its work or home, an exam or a job interview, we have to fight to overcome our weaknesses and conquer with our strengths.

At age of 50, I was literally mentally paralyzed when I got to know from my physician that I am a diabetic patient. Born with fetish for sweets it was shock for me. Then my only son shifted to Arizona for his IT job. This situation made my condition miserable and my health starting deteriorating. But my loving son did what he had to and made me a member of NRI Family Health.

I tell you after my son, the only people who got close to me are representative of the NRI Family Health. They are so loving and caring that I sometimes forget that they are there just the agency taking care of me.NRI Family Health offered us Diabetic Care plan along with the NRIFH services. They have Diabetes Health Check up In India, Diabetic care In Mumbai Kerala. Since then I am at such an ease and have a full control of my sugar. The US certified Medical Expert associated with NRI Family Health gave me a care guidance plan which has become so successful that I have suggested my friends as well.

Symptoms to be noticed at early stage:·         Urinating very often
·         Extreme thirst
·         Odd time hunger even though eating at normal time
·         Feeling tired always
·         Impaired or blurry vision
·         Slow healing of injuries
·         Weight loss even though you are eating normal
·         Numbness or tingling sensation in the hands/feet

Oral Manifestations of Diabetes·         Hyposalivation
·         Halitosis
·         Periodontitis
·         Burning mouth sensation
·         Candidiasis
·         Taste alteration

NRI Family Health conducts regular diabetes health check up plans in India.  We provide diabetic care in Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, Kolkata. Managing diabetes is a difficult challenge every day. There are so many aspects of it to keep in mind like food, exercise, general health, medication etc. -- that keeping the blood sugar levels in the control is a balancing act. NRI Family Health has come up with such an effective diabetes management regime that it can be controlled so well.

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Diabetes Health Check up In India -- NRI Family Health

Diabetes has become a very common disease, though every case requires unique care. We support people with diabetes and their families to gain knowledge about the latest medical findings and approaches, with choosing a healthy lifestyle. Our team of medical experts can actually help you to keep your sugar in control and be proactive towards changing needs.
Effectively managing the diabetic condition is possible but living with diabetes, can be tough at times. Every day is a new obstacle with distinctive challenges that you must overcome. But as you get older, crossing these hurdles can become a bit more difficult especially when old parents have to manage everything on their own in case their children are living abroad. With age comes the risk for specific manifestations and complications increases that require attentiveness and proper care to alleviate them.
Our Experts suggests that patient with diabetes should try to keep their blood sugar level in control. We provide diabetic care in Mumbai ,Kerala , Karnataka , Kolkata. This may not be possible without proper guidance and supervision. Our main health care providers are US certified Medical doctors who remain in close coordination with the EHR on the NRI Family Health online server.
There are various packages for Diabetes Health Check up In India, Diabetic care In Mumbai Kerala provided through NRI Family Health. We conduct regular diabetes health check up plans in India.  We provide diabetic care in Mumbai, Kerala, Karnataka, and Kolkata.
As per the care guidance, they might suggest the following with proper medication:
·         Eat food that is low in sugar, salt, and high in fiber.
·         Eating at right time will help in maintaining your sugar level.
·         Maintain your body weight by doing regular exercises.
·         Keep your blood sugar in check.
·         Keep a check on other medical manifestations.
                  If You are Using Insulin
·         Take insulin shot as prescribed.
·         Eat at about the same time and the same amount of food every day

 .Don't skip the meals at any cost
 If You Don't Use Insulin
·         You should Follow the planned meal.
·         Don't skip meals

The risk for type 2 diabetes increases when people get older. To  care of your parents we provide diabetic care in Mumbai ,Kerala , Karnataka , Kolkata.We can take care of your diabetes over the long term, so that you can keep away from or holdup complications and live a long, happy and full of life. 

We provide a seamless services that is affordable & can be enrolled easily through our website or you can contact us through our toll free number US Toll Free no.(888) 743 5435 & direct Helpline no. : +91 92-8989-1234.

We will make sure to take care of your parents and improve their quality of life.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Amritsar, Kochi

In today’s time everyone is running behind work from early morning to late night. There are times when people often forget to have their food forget about having a peaceful moment for themselves. In all this modern rush, we really ignore our health concerns and end up having lifestyle diseases or chronic medical conditions.

With all the hunger to be on top and earn money we tend to miss out our family time. The life is more in office and in traffic rather than at home which has become a rented place where we just go to spend the night.
Not being able to give time to our family becomes a huge tension when you decide to fly abroad for job or higher education. I was not very sure when I had to leave my mother alone in India for an official project in India. There were hundreds of question in my mind for my mother’s health management in my absence. But with heavy heart I had to leave leaving one of my cousins with my mother to take care of her.
Even after reaching Texas, I was always used to think whether my cousin would be there in house to look after her or not. What about her regular check up and diagnostic tests and what if she has to go out to a hospital to see a doctor! How she will manage on her own!

I consulted one of my friend in Amritsar, who is working in healthcare industry and she suggested me to go for homehealthcare services which are available in Amritsar, Kochi, Mumbai and Bangalore. I searched on internet and came across NRI Family Health agency; they provide skilled Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Kochi. Moreover they also provide 24hours nursing care for elderly in Mumbai, Bangalore. They also provide mother and baby care at home in Kolkata.

NRI Family Health provides these add on services along with the NRI Family Health Services which are available in Basic, Premium and Preferred packages. The homehealthcare services are easy to get enroll to through a simple form completion and sharing the medical records of the parents.
Home health care has appeared as the cost effective way to manage post operative care as well as providing care for chronic ailments. My mother was in need of this exact agency like NRI Family Health which offers a wide range of home healthcare services.

The homehelthcare services comprise of Doctor Visits, Skilled Nurses, Physiotherapy Sessions and Trained Attendants at home according to the need of the patient. They have full array of services including Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Amritsar, Kochi. The NRi family Health has helped me out and relieved all my tensions for my mother. 

Health Care Services for parents in Delhi, Pune,Karnataka

Doctor advice online in India

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Membership health plan for parents in Ahmedabad , Kolkata ,Chennai

Our NRI Family Health Package has evolved as a comprehensive solution for the NRIs for their loved ones in Ahmedabad, India. Our US Certified Medical experts in conjunction with the NRI Family Health coordinator in India can actually keep a watch on the health of the member family in India Then the member NRI s can consult the US medical experts about their parents or family’s health status.

After the membership enrolment, the US medical experts scrutinize the medical history of the family or parents and give a detailed review to the family or parents with best recommendations for the best quality of care. Based on the plan, NRI Family Health Coordinator assist the parents or family to go for the best diagnostic test or consultation or care to be provided whichever is best suited to them.The NRI Family Health Plans are comprised of complete package for taking care of the parents in Kolkata, Chennai, India. Some of the services included in the package are:

1.    Secure Online Access to Medical Records
The Medical records provided by the member family are stored on a HIPAA compliant secure server which is in direct supervision of our US certified Medical experts. The Data stored can be accessed from anywhere and be shared to any medical expert or facility with your permission.

2.    Customized Care Guidance Plan
After the enrolment in to the NRI Family Health Plan, the US certified medical experts provide a customized Care Guidance plan on the basis of your shared Health Data.

3.    Monitoring of Key Health Indicators
Data just doesn’t sit on a server but is actually being monitored regularly. Our physician team gets notified for any anomaly in vitals, labs or any other health indicators which lead to identification of problems before they become a big issue. The Data is updated as and when new diagnostic test or regular checkups are done. Any discrepancy in the report is noted by the medical experts and discussed to the members through the NRI Family Health coordinators and correct action is taken accordingly.

4.    Virtual Consultations
The members can have virtual communication with the US experts if required with the help of our NRi Family Health Coordinators. This mechanism allows the members to speak and get a feedback from our Medical Experts on the basis of preliminary screening of your Health Records.

5.    Assistance to Manage online Health Profile
The best part of our packages is that the NRI Family Health coordinator assigned will be a phone call away and ready to help you enter your medical data on our portal. They are just like an extended family to the members who will be in regular touch with the family and the member NRI.

The NRI Family Health is not only a platform to take care the loved ones health back in home but to a part of the family who will be associated with the family for life. Its services are extended to pan India including health plan for parents in  Ahmedabad , Kolkata ,Chennai

Get your loved ones registered for our ‘NRI Family Health Plan’ today.
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