Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Diabetic care -- NRI Family Health

Nowadays, the diabetic condition has taken a toll and is one of biggest reason for untimely serious illnesses. The statistics states a rise in number of diabetic patients starting from an early age because of disturbed sedentary lifestyle.
The main reason behind the number of diabetic patients is lack of knowledge and awareness among Indian populous. There are types of diabetes, in which, few are asymptomatic and due to late diagnosis and not going for preventive health checks. Thus, it is very important that we go for preventive health checkup or at least diabetes specific tests to rule out any chances of uncontrolled sugar. This is not only significant for diagnosis but to lessen the chances of other manifestations related to diabetes.
NRI Family Health has Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai and other states of India to keep a check on your parent’s health or even your spouse living in India. Though People who take care of their health by having healthy foods and living a proactive healthy lifestyle, they can control of their blood sugar levels. Still, periodic health checkups are necessary to keep a check on your vital health stats with Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai.
You can take help of the Diabetologist and can ask as many questions to know what is right and wrong about diabetes including the myths and facts. Like,You should learn about your diabetic condition and what all measures you can take to keep your blood sugar in normal range.
·         You should make sure you that you are taking the right medicines at right time. Keep in touch with your Diabetologist doctor for check up every quarter. During the visits the specialist might go for test like Blood pressure, Weight, Foot, eye examination, teeth examination. Hemoglobin A1c tests, Cholesterol & Kidney tests.
In screening for diabetes, it is essential that an analysis of the screening test reports be discussed with the patient and that follow-up assessment and treatment plan are made available. Also, it is essential to consider that certain medicines may produce hyperglycemia. That is why NRI Family Health provides a platform where in the specialist with US certified medical experts keep a check on the reports and suggest a proactive health plan for the parents or the family who have opted for NRI Family Health membership with Diabetes Health Check up In Mumbai.
Diabetes is often not diagnosed until complication appears, and just about one-third of all diabetic patients remain undiagnosed. The burden of diabetes is well known, but what we are lacking is the preventive part of it which can eradicate and control the sugar of endless diabetic patients. We should remember that diabetes can have us but we cannot become weak in front of a disease which can lead to multiple organ failure.
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