Saturday, 30 July 2016

Diabetic foot

Diabetic Foot is a common complication of poorly controlled diabetes. Due to the Diabetes nerve dysfunction sometimes the diabetic person’s ability to feel pain reduces. Many times it happens that minor injuries remain undiscovered for a long while.  Diabetic foot ulcer happens as a result of skin tissue breaking down and exposing the layers underneath. They’re most common under your big toes and the balls of your feet, and they can affect your feet down to the bones.

All people with diabetes can develop foot ulcers and foot pain, but good foot care and control over diabetes can help prevent them.

Preventive care plays a very important role in preventing any of the complications of the diabetes. It is very important to closely manage your blood glucose, as your chances of diabetes complications remain low when your blood sugar is stable.

Diabetic foot can also be prevented by washing your feet every day, keep toenails adequately trimmed, but not too short, keeping your feet dry and moisturised, Changing your socks frequently, Seeing a podiatrist for corn and callus removal, Wearing proper-fitting shoes.

Foot ulcers can return after they’ve been treated. To prevent these complications from reoccurring you need to manage your diabetes and adopt healthy life style. To manage diabetes, you need the help of experts who can understand your condition and provide you best treatment possible. It is very difficult for someone to understand the sign and symptoms and take preventive steps. It requires expert knowledge and professional care. NRI Family Health provides the services and facilities under our NRI Family Health plan to make sure your loved ones get the best in class preventive care in your absence. The Plan is focused towards providing the holistic care to your loved ones.  To know more visit this link 

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