Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Caregiving for Diabetes

Once a person has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, he or she will need to develop a lifelong management plan to keep it under control. There is a lot to juggle when managing diabetes: making lifestyle changes, monitoring glucose levels, and taking medications. As a caretaker for someone with diabetes, you can play a significant role in helping to make health care decisions and in developing and sticking to the management plan.

Create a plan:
Having spoken to the doctor you know what’s to be done so you need to put things in place now. Create diet charts (you can also get a Diet plan designed by a Dietitian) and activity schedule, also share responsibilities with others around you. Like if the patient has been prescribed Insulin, there would be discipline needed in terms of time and what to eat.

Do it together:
The way DM (Diabetes Mellitus) changes life for everyone can be beneficial. Eating low carbohydrates, low fat diet is good for the whole family, so is exercising. Remember people who do not have DM (Diabetes Mellitus) now can develop later owing to poor food and exercising habits. So get on with this together.

Take it Easy
DM (Diabetes Mellitus) is not a life threatening disease nor is it contagious so relax. If glucose levels in blood are kept right through wise planning complications related to DM (Diabetes Mellitus) can be delayed by a big stretch. Staying happy will keep you motivated

Handling young patients:
This is where the challenge is the highest. Young patients have their distractions and high activity levels. Especially if your child is Insulin dependent managing insulin shots based on activity levels is an uphill task. If the child is very young make the diet and activity balance a part of lifestyle. As they grow explain the situation without sounding tragic. A lot of children often take their condition as a disability and peer pressure can be depressing for the child. Speak with close friends of the child and seek their support, this can be very helpful. Keep telling the child that a good control on DM (Diabetes Mellitus) will give him a life like anyone else. Remember your efforts will fail many times and that’s OK.

Caring for the care giver:
It’s natural to feel tired playing your role. Give yourself small breaks and share responsibility with others in the family. Grow your ability of render care gradually so that you can cope well. Set your targets right and don’t be scared of not achieving them sometimes. Taking small steps and keeping it light will help everyone.

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