Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Is caretaking of elderly aging parents in India one of the major concerns for NRI/Indian expats?

it is a concern even for children staying in foreign . I will give my example. My husband and I both work at New York (USA) , while our respective, ageing parents are based out of Delhi and Kolkata respectively. They have stayed in those cities for a lifetime and have friends and a social life there. It is cruel to uproot them. But, as age often does, they have become considerably weaker and struggle with chores and sickness from time to time.
Apart from depending on siblings or other relatives to take care of parents in India there are now many professional options which NRIs can opt for. A little portion of their earnings from foreign shores can help their parents lead a comfortable and satisfying life by engaging professional care services in India. Currently there are many established and recognized institutions and organizations which are providing such services to look after our parent’s.
I just start search to find these kind of agencies that can help to take care parents living back in India.
We found an agency NRI FAMILY HEALTH to look after the Parents right at the convenience of their own homes.
Some of the services that are offered include:
·         Monthly and Quarterly assessment by a Physician.
·         Free on-demand visit by the Physician even without any emergency.
·         Daily/ Weekly visits by nurses as per requirements.
·         Provision of in house nurses for special requirements.
·         Periodic outings and gathering of elderly people from similar backgrounds.
·         Establishing and ensuring a regular health records between the NRIs and their parents either through telephone or video chatting via the internet.

·         Provide detailed feedback and reports on the health and other issues of the elderly to their children abroad.

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