Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the thinning of the bones which has become 'the silent recrudescence'. Our bones reach the maximum density in our mid-20s, and they start getting thinner from mid-30s. Menopause speeds up the bone loss putting women at a very higher risk during the aging process but men are at almost equal risk. Osteoporosis makes the bones more fragile and prone to fracture even by a minor fall in old age.

Osteoporosis has become a common disease of the elderly which weakens the bone and causes a high risk of a fracture of bone. It can cause a fracture of backbone, forearm bone, and the hip for which you might need Nurse required for home in Amritsar, Amritsar, Kochi.

We cannot turn back the time and start taking precautions and healthy steps for our aging parents so that they do not have to face any hospitalisation because of osteoporosis condition. We can opt for Membership health plan for parents in  Ahmedabad , Kolkata ,Chennai by NRI Family Health.

Risk factors which we should not overlook

    Age is above 65 years old
    Excess of alcohol consumption
    Body weight is low than the normal

There are several factors which we need take care of to avoid any life threatening effect of Osteoporosis.

Smoking: It increases the risk of osteoporosis with all the harmful effects of it.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumption more than four units in a week can be a factor to induce or expedite the osteoporotic conditions.

Nutrition: Vitamin D is one of the important vitamin of the bones but very difficult to get in right quantity from the food we eat. You should always take Doctor advice online in India or Medical second opinion services Chennai and should start the vitamin D supplement if possible. Some common foods that we can consume which are high in calcium:

    Milk products
    Green Leafy vegetables

Regular Exercise: Exercise under supervision is very important for the elders as not all forms of exercises are good for the old age.

How can we know if our parents are suffering from the osteoporosis? The bones become fragile and fracture easily, some may complain of lower back pain because of fractures of spinal bones, a stooped posture from normal, and neck pain might be a symptom because of fractures of the spinal bones.

If your parents are diagnosed with osteoporosis, the you need to take care with NRI Family health that there are reduced incidence of falls. The simplest exercise which shall be started is the morning walk which is very useful in long run.

Above all we can consult the best of orthopedician to get the best advice through Health Care Services for parents in Delhi, Pune,Karnataka by NRI Family Health.

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