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As our parents start again, they might feel pain and stiffness in their body. Sometimes their knees or hands get swollen or hard to move because of stiffness. They might be the patient of arthritis who are not even aware of the situation. There are over 100 cases where the patient is not aware that they are suffering from arthritis and their condition might get worse.

Swollen, painful joints are a hallmark of osteoarthritis. Severe arthritic condition can make Seniors life difficult and to perform daily activities. Sometimes the arthritis can make the hands or feet twisted affecting their mental health as well.

Arthritis is a disease of musculoskeletal system which has become the main cause of disability among people of age above fifty to sixty-five years. Though there is no proper cure for arthritis but the care can be given to the make the life of sufferers less painful. With NRI family Health providing Home healthcare services provider  in Ahmedabad and many other cities of India you can take care of your parents with ease.

You might wonder that How to take care of parents in Mumbai or where ever  they are residing in India as NRI family Health can do a lot of things to minimisethe overall painful effects of arthritis and make their every day in the life easier.

Being a NRI you might be thinking how to consult the doctors in India for your parents. NRI Family Health provides Doctor advice online in India and can even connect you to their US certified Medical experts for the same.

There are various types of arthritis which affects the elders like osteoarthritis, goutand rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the common arthritis which occurs in elder or senior people.

The signs and symptoms of arthritis which you should notice are:
-    Soreness of Joints after daily activities
-    Stiffness of joints notices in morning which remains more than 35 to one hour.
-    Pain around the joints
-    Imbalance in coordination of movement & posture because of stiffness of joints

Osteoarthritis most commonly affects the weight-bearing joints like knees, hips, and lower back. It can also affect the small joints like of the neck, small finger joints, etc. Because of wear and tear of the bone tissues the person might become more susceptible for fractures and injuries from fall.

It is very important to seek medical attention to avoid any serious condition leading to complete bed stay. The goals of our experts for the treatment would be to minimise pain and improving the ability to function normally.

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