Friday, 11 August 2017

Man returns from US after a year, finds mother’s skeleton in Mumbai flat

Very lately, an extremely unfortunate new of the sad demise of a sixty three old lady named Asha Sahani has been doing the rounds. His forty three year son Rituraj Sahani returned from US after quiet a considerable time only to find the disheveled skeleton of his depressed mother in his Oshiwara flat. Rituraj had been working with an IT Company in US since last few years and could mange to visit his mother only once in six months or sometimes in a year. Since they had no relatives in Andheri West, there was nobody around to take care of the elderly lady.

Indubitably, this disheartening and extremely grievous death of an unattended old lady could have been eluded had Rituraj cared to contact certain company that promises to take care of the parents of the NRI when they are away for their professional reengagements. NRIFH, working towards the betterment of the health of the old people since considerable time now, is one of the most popular and entrusted Medical platforms that address the health and basic care concerns of the oldsters living without any familiar support. NRIFH ensures that all the needs of the old people are attended to with utmost care and affection. Additionally, this very esteemed and reputed medical institution keeps the children of the parents updated about their parents’ health status and the improvement so that they remain relaxed and can concentrate on their work without worrying abut their parents back home. What makes NRIFH stands apart from other such centers is that the doctors and consultants associated with the company endeavors to develop an emotional bond with the patients; the doctors, nurses and the attendants go out of their way to make them feel comfortable and relaxed. Contacting NRIFH for ensuring the best care and health of one’s parents could be the best recourse for the NRIs who wants to maintain a balance between their familial as well as professional lives. Three of the most salient feature of NRIFH are its   sincerity, diligence and punctuality. The company is renowned for taking its responsibilities very seriously and meeting the expectations of the patients as well as their parents. NRIFH  ascertain that there is always somebody available to pay heed to the needs of the old people who are  unable to do so themselves. Moreover, there are certain patients who are not even able to do the most fundamental and essential activities on their own. NRIFH works hard to attend to them and make them feel wanted and loved.

Engaged in this noble task of promising healthy and happy life to the thousands of the old parents of NRIs working across the globe ,this company is reaching new milestones every day be demonstrating its efficiency in multiple domains . The sad event that has taken place in Mumbai could have been averted had Rituraj, the NRI under consideration , taken adequate steps and contacted NRIFH timely. Nevertheless, it is the sign of the wise to learn form others’ experience. Before it is too late , contact NRIFH at the earlier possible and stay ensured about your parents’ health or isolation concerns because NRIFH is there to care. 
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