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Many aging parents are dealing with a number of health problems related to aging — one exacting is not getting enough healthy sleep. It is not the aging per se that keeps seniors from a proper night’s rest, but several sleep disorders or sleep disturbances that usually comes with age. As we age, our sleep patterns change and, for beginners, seniors do not spend as much time in profound sleep as younger people do. In such cases, if not visiting any medical experts, then you should take Doctor advice online in India.

The symptoms of sleep disorders are:

- Trouble falling asleep
- Waking up early in the morning
- Confusion
- Disturbed sleep

Many aging individuals have problems sleeping because of health problems — as well as their manifestations and medications. Many elderly are opting for Physiotherapy at home in Mangalore, Kolkata  to relax their stiffened muscles to have a peaceful sleep time. Some other health issues that can prevent the elders from getting healthy sleep include:

- Side effects of medications
- Chronic pain due to disease like arthritis
- Snoring
- Depression
- Low physical activities
- Alcohol consumption
- Neurological undiagnosed problems
- Late night Caffeine intake
- Frequent urination during the night

There can be some biological Issues as well that Can lead to Sleep Problems

It's also likely that biological variations in elders contribute to sleep disorders. It is necessary to get Senior citizen full body checkup in India,Kolkata to keep everything in check. One approach is that elders produce and release less of the hormone, known as melatonin that helps in sleeping properly.

Another problem reason could be the shift in the circadian rhythm, which makes other various functions of the body in sync, including sleep. This very shift makes elder people get more tired earlier in the evening, so they go to bed early and get up a lot earlier, too.

Many aging parents are also suffering from insomnia which does not let them get a good and healthy sleep affecting the overall health of an individual. It can even impair cognitive functioning with other bodily functions.

What can be done for a better sleep?

Seniors need the same amount of hours of sleep like younger people do, seven to eight hours only. But that sleep usually comes as a disturbed sleep throughout the day rather than as one complete sleep for a night at a stretch. The Diabetes Health Check up In India should also be done to rule out any such complication because of these debilitating diseases.

Here are some healthy suggestions to combat sleep disorders could be:

- Treatment for any underlying medical condition.
-  Be in the bed only when you are very sleepy till then engage yourself in any activity till you feel sleepy.
- Take a hot shower or bath before bed
- Read any book or listen to music.
- Change your lifestyle like consuming less of caffeine at night or less alcohol consumption.
- Get into a good sleep routine.
- Set a time to wake in the morning and to go to the bed and stick to it.

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