Thursday, 4 August 2016

Heroes who Survive Diabetes

Today we are sharing another letter that was sent to us by Mr. Sukhdeep Singh, Jalandhar. We have paraphrased the text without changing its essence.

Stories from Punjab are often of uprooted or broken families. People either migrate on their own after getting married to someone in the US or move with the whole family. While getting there, everyone carries an American Dream but few have a clue how to achieve one. 

I came to the US after doing my Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. My dad was a shopkeeper selling fertilizers and agricultural equipment while Mom was a perfect homemaker. I was married soon after college to a family in NJ. Once I got here I started working with my dad-in-law helping him in the parking lot business. As I could see no real future this way I decided to become an accountant therefore started university education while keeping work part-time. The money was enough and I was loving everything. In a sudden change of events I lost my mom and dad was now left home with my younger brother who had now just entered college.

I started worrying about him, his health and how would he manage the years ahead of him. My brother was responsible but I did not want him to be distracted. Dad always had diabetes and because of his work schedule never bothered about his diet and medication. With mom not there I was one hell worried. I fortunately met the NRI Family Health team in the US during a cultural event. I explained them everything and was asked to not worry anymore about anything. Next day itself they had arranged a physician to come home and speak to my dad. The physician ordered a battery of tests as my father had not had himself tested in ages now. A car was arranged to help him visit the hospital and go through the tests, someone accompanied him all this while arranging OPD visits etc. Once the reports arrived he was given a few new medications and advised a small surgery to drain the extra fluid due to glaucoma developed as a result of diabetes. One of the main reasons I had agreed with NRI family Health was that they referred each medical report to doctors in the US. I got an opinion from doctors here and thankfully it was the same as the one in India. NRI Family health people arranged for a surgery and got us a discount.

I am so glad that although I am not there with my father everyday at least someone is there to take care of his health. They are doing a great job taking care of his diet and medication. They also got a physical trainer who makes sure that he does not miss out on his yoga and stretching exercises.

In fact looking at him I have started to exercise and control diet…thank you NRI Family Health for taking care of us.

It is hard to understand the problems your loved ones face when you are not with them. Many times it happens that they don’t tell you thinking that you will get worried.
It is because they know It’s not possible for you to come back home frequently and also you can’t do anything from such a distance to help them with their problems. So your loved ones shun you from the problems they are facing.
We all are a little careless about our health, sometimes we ignore the little health issues. That is when we need the care of our loved ones. They will never take your problems lightly.
NRI Family Health gives you a chance to get directly involved in the care of your loved ones.
Those NRIs who have taken our NRI Family Health Plan are getting the benefits of our services helping them in finding the hidden causes affecting their loved one’s health and providing the proper care.
The services like Monitoring of key health indicators, secure online access to medical records, Virtual consultations, Assistance to avail diagnostic services help to catch the health problems before getting severe.
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