Thursday, 4 August 2016

Everyday Heroes with Diabetes

We received many letters explaining how healthcare services from us has helped improve life of our customers. Although each letter is special but a few need to be read out to the world. In a series of 5  posts we would publish unedited letters that were written by sons and daughters celebrating the grit, determination and the love their parents offered them withstanding trouble that was overwhelming more than once.

Avneet Singh , Toronto/Jaipur (2nd Feb 2016):

I am glad that I chose to pick up a care plan by NRI Family Health. I have been planning to write in to you guys but could not decide what and how. Having written a few drafts I finally decided to write all that came to my heart.

My relationship with NRI Family Health started when I saw their ad online and decided to call them up. I was assisted by Mr. Sumit Banerjee on the phone who introduced me to the services. I decided to pick up a comprehensive plan that not only takes care of my mom when she is healthy and but also when she needs medical attention like a tooth ache, arthritis flaring up or as what happened last month when she had a bad lung infection and was visited by a doctor at home who got her admitted at the hospital.

Being able to take care of her is a very special feeling because she is a very important person in my life. Probably because she was pretty that my nana decided to get her married off at the age of 16. My father was 17 and both were educated till 10th standard. After they got married Baba (my father) continued to help his dad in their family shop while amma became a homemaker. These two kids knowingly or unknowingly became parents to a kid within a year after marriage, Unfortunately  my dad died after 2 years of my birth.later in an accident. My amma was thrown out of the house as no one was interested in keeping this expensive maidservant cum bahu. She went back to her parent’s house and decided to work and educate herself. She started selling lunch and evening snacks on order. Rest of the time was dedicated to school work and bringing me up. After finishing school she enrolled into a B.Com program and started working in the evening. Being over occupied almost all the time she failed in the first year of college. But determined to succeed she shot back to glory clearing the rest of the studies with fantastic scores. The stress in her life made her diabetic and had to rely on Insulin every day.

To secure my future and to ensure that I never have to go through all that she went through, she started trading in shares in her final year of college. She took this up as a full time thing as it also allowed her to take care of her parents and me. I was put into an English Medium school and we were now much better off. Amma had her priorities very clear, at the first place was family, then work, but she never cared much about her health.

Today I am 25 doing my Ph D. from University of Cranfield, UK in aeronautical engineering. Amma is now 41 years old, still taking care of all the family. A look at her will tell you that you can’t mess with her, she is super strong, intelligent and beautiful. But her diabetes became hard to  handle after we lost nana and now nani needs a lot of attention. Her life has become more hectic and this often affects her health.

I therefore took up a regular heath check-up plan from NRI family Healthcare. These people arranged a personal trainer who made sure she was exercising and playing sports regularly while eating right to control weight. She also undergoes regular health check-ups and for any ailments that bother her or my nani she consults doctors in the USA. When she recently took ill, NRI family Health people arranged for a doctor and got her admitted. While she was in the hospital they arranged for a nurse to take care of nani.

My mom is a hero who rose from ashes and like all heroes thinks she does not need help but then  I know when and how. Thank You NRI Family Health for delivering that little that I can do to her.

It is hard to understand the problems your loved ones face when you are not with them. Many times it happens that they don’t tell you thinking that you will get worried.
It is because they know It’s not possible for you to come back home frequently and also you can’t do anything from such a distance to help them with their problems. So your loved ones shun you from the problems they are facing.
We all are a little careless about our health, sometimes we ignore the little health issues. That is when we need the care of our loved ones. They will never take your problems lightly.
NRI Family Health gives you a chance to get directly involved in the care of your loved ones.
Those NRIs who have taken our NRI Family Health Plan are getting the benefits of our services helping them in finding the hidden causes affecting their loved one’s health and providing the proper care.
The services like Monitoring of key health indicators, secure online access to medical records, Virtual consultations, Assistance to avail diagnostic services help to catch the health problems before getting severe.
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