Tuesday, 14 June 2016

NRI Family Health Plan

Earlier we shared some responses from some of our users on how NRIFH helped them with their health issues and provided empathetic caregiving. Our services and professional healthcare staff ensure proper monitoring and caregiving of the person insured under our healthcare plan.
The Healthcare plan consists of a number of services to ensure all round care.  Today we would like to discuss the Healthcare plans in brief. The plans are made especially for the family and loved ones of the NRI’s who need someone like a family to take care of their health and be there in their healthcare needs.

The services include:
Secure Online Access to Medical Records: Medical records are stored on a HIPAA compliant secure server. Data can be accessed from anywhere and be shared to any medical expert or facility with your permission.
Monitoring of Key Health Indicators: Data just doesn’t sit on a server but is actually being monitored regularly. Our physician team gets notified for any anomaly in vitals, labs or any other health indicators which lead to identification of problems before they become a big issue.
Virtual Consultations: Allows you to speak and get a feedback from our Medical Experts on the basis of preliminary screening of your Health Records.
Customized Care Guidance Plan: Provides direction for individualized care, designed by our US Medical Experts on the basis of your shared Health Data.
Customized Diet Plans: Individualized meal plans designed by our expert dieticians keeping in mind various dietary restrictions.
Assistance to manage online Health Profile: Our care coordinators are a phone call away and ready to help you enter your medical data on our portal.
Assistance to avail Diagnostic Services: Nationwide network of Laboratories and Radiological services is available in all major metropolitan cities. We provide further help in finding the right facility in small cities and remote areas.
Assistance in Transportation: Transportation services are provided via third party providers to help with commute for short or long distance medical appointments.

Assistance to provide Medical Equipment: Wide array of medical equipment available for purchase or rent.

Assistance to provide Caregivers at Home: Qualified and pre-selected home care providers are available for short term and long term use.
Assistance to provide medical Insurance: Facility to help you choose best insurance plans based on your healthcare needs.

Assistance to provide Pharmacy: Medications can be delivered at your doorstep from nearby local pharmacies.
All these services come under the NRI Family Health Plan with three available payment options.
Monthly payment plan:  Take this plan and get our services just in 19.99 $ per month.
Yearly payment plan: Take this plan and get our services for $ 199.99 a year, also get 2 months of complimentary services.
Two yearly plan: Take this plan and avail our services for two years. 349$ for 24 months, also get 6 months of complimentary services.

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